Sep 11, 2007

Chapter - 2

“Avni, are you ready? We are getting late”

It was Sonia, shouting from downstairs. She was her childhood friend. They had been to school together and now they were in the same college, though Avni was doing MBA whereas Sonia had opted for master’s degree in science.

“Yes, almost. Come up!” Avni shouted back. She was combing her silky straight hair as Sonia entered her room.

She was a tall girl who loved to study. Some even called her a geek. But her smiling face made many friends. She was wearing a dark ash linen short skirt teamed up with a white halter neck chiffon top.

Standing in front of the mirror, Avni was checking herself one last time before leaving as she sprinkled some perfume on her neck. She looked really attractive, as she wanted to.

Avni was not very pretty, but the sparkle in her eyes, the dimples on her cheeks made her stand out. And she sure knew how to look good. The 3 inches heels she nearly always wore made her look much taller than her 5’2”. But her best features were her eyes, dark brown, like burnt honey. A thick layer of naturally curling eye lashes made them almost mesmerizing. That night she had lined them with kohl that gave her an almost mysterious look.

Sonia gave a wolf whistle.

“Hey, can’t you just not kill the guys for one day?” she said. “Amit will forget to greet other guests and will cling to you. You are going to give him trouble at his Birthday party.”

“Why shouldn’t I?” came the witty reply, accompanied with a wink. She took her purse and the gift pack from the table. “I am going to drive. Leave your car here”

Her father was sitting in the drawing room, reading newspaper. He had just returned from work.

“Avni Beta, you will catch a cold without a sweater. And have you eaten something after returning from college?” he was as usual worried about her.

“Come on Papa, I will look like a dork in sweater. And I will eat something at the party” she replied as she hugged and kissed her father.

“You have become very stubborn!” he shook his head, knowing that he was the one who had spoilt her. But she was all he had. “Take care and return before 10. Give my regards to Amit’s parents”

“Yes papa. I will. Now I have to go!” Avni smiled and left.


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