Jan 14, 2008

Chapter - 08


He said something to the waiter and they picked up both the cups and came out of the shop with Avni. There was a small staircase of a shop which was closed and was up for rent. They sat down there. It was getting dark slowly. Avni had no experience of sitting on stairs and drinking coffee in cheap cups. But she felt so alive. So free. She was surprised to realize that she was actually enjoying the whole experience.

They just sat there sipping the coffee. Not even saying anything. Ranveer still seem to be regretting bringing Avni out for a coffee like this.

“You know. This is the best coffee I have ever had” Avni whispered.

“Come on. Don’t try to make me happy like this. This is coffee worth 5 Rs. Not what u are accustomed to” Ranveer said, sounding as if he was now totally regretting bringing her there.

“You won’t understand Ranveer. I feel so free right now. Even the air feels purer.” She turned towards him, smiled that dimpled smile and said, “Thanks for asking me out.”

It was almost unbelievable to even Avni, how calm she was. Her usual stubborn and fiery nature seemed to have vanished in front of Ranveer. She was aware of the effect this man was having on her!

She looked amazingly beautiful under the dim evening light. Her eyes were glowing with real happiness. Ranveer believed her.

“Why did you say yes for coming out for coffee with me Avni?” he asked, his voice disturbed, yet gentle. He regretted it the very next moment, expecting another snappy remark from her.

“If I tell you the truth then I really don’t know why I said yes. I generally go out in groups. I means with all my friends.” Avni replied, her voice was low and felt as if she was talking from a far away place.

He was surprised to see her this way, as if she was in her own little world.

“Wont your boyfriend mind you coming out with me?” Ranveer probed.

“No, I don’t think so. We are not that close.” Avni was looking at the cup as if it contained the solution to the entire world’s mystery. Her mind seemed to be far away. “Shekhar is actually my dad’s friend’s son. Our parents have always expected us to be engaged and I have never tried to break that illusion.”

The coffee had finished a long time back. The temperature was going down and Delhi winter was showing its true color. Their breath was forming soft mist. The silence was almost electric.

“Come on. I will drop you home. It’s getting dark and very cold now. You are again not wearing proper warm clothes. This flimsy sweater is all show no work”

Ranveer got up and gave his hand to Avni.

No sparks flew when they held hands; instead there was an amazing level of comfort.

It was as if they knew each other since forever. She slung her backpack as Ranveer picked up the cups and they went inside the shop to return it. It was nearly empty now.

Suddenly Avni realized that their date was over and they might not ever meet like this again.


American Genius said...

I put them on there.
Still working on the others, thus far, but this is my main one.

Sahasi said...

As usual very light, easy and absorbing... keep up the good writing. Look forward to read more...

Sandy said...

This is a great story, keep up the great work. Have you already written the whole story or are you writing it as you go? Novelog's are a great, keep on trucking, I know it can get hard.

I am also writing a novelog, mine is about overcoming depression and is based on true events you can find it at My Walk

Sahasi said...

All south Indians don't celebrate only Pongal... only Tamilians do. I am from Karnataka and we too celebrate Sankranti... Makara Sankranti is not the preserve of North Indians... It is the harvest festival... Pongal is a Tamil word for Sankranti....

IdleMind said...

Good to see u making nice progress ... but dear, I have never found a lot of inspiration from blogspot ... may be my bad luck! U keep enthralling the crowd!! :)

deep anchor said...

Very good work. I am planning to so something similar. Liked the picture at the top. It's good to be able to read the novel, undisturbed by other stuff as in ibibo. On the other hand, you will be read by ibibo people too. So, it's the best of both worlds.