Jan 22, 2008

Chapter - 09

“Can we have another cup please? I really liked the coffee!” she looked up to him. She looked almost like a child.

In fact Avni was so mesmerized with everything that it felt like a dream she didn’t want to wake up from. The fact that it might have been first and last time in this new world had Avni almost panicked. Ranveer looked down at her from his towering height. He was surprised to see her actually enjoying the whole thing.

“Sure. But this time we are going to sit inside. It’s very cold now”.

Avni was herself taken aback. She had spent her life away from such places. In fact she wasn’t ever aware that coffee was available for Rs 5 and people could sit on the stairs of a coffee shop. The sheer simplicity and the freedom were almost intoxicating for her.

They took two extra cups and sat at one of the tables.

“Tell me something about your family, about yourself” Avni said

“My folks are in Punjab. Dad has some land. My elder brother handles the farming with him. My mom passed away long time back. Brother got married few years back and now I have two nephews also. They are so cute. Every time I go to the village, they ask me to check up all their friends..” Ranveer reached to his pocket and pulled his wallet. Taking out a picture, he showed it to Avni.

“They are twins. You can never tell the difference between them. My Bhabhi has such a tough time handling them”

“Yes, they are really very cute” Avni was touched to see Ranveer carrying the picture of his nephews in his pocket. It was almost like behind the tough and cynic attitude, Ranveer still had a village boy hiding.

“What about yours? Your dad is in hotel business, right?” He asked, pocketing the wallet again.

“Yes, but he started off right from the ground. He built his first hotel, a small eatery cum lodging on the only piece of land he had at that time. It opened the day I was born. That’s why he named me Avni. It means the Earth you know”

“Yeah, I know. I loved your name when you told me last night.” Ranveer smiled and winked.

“That is why I asked you out for coffee” his smile was as genuine as her dimples. “And what about your mother? She is also into the family business or is she a housewife?”

“My mother also passed away a long time back Ranveer”

“Hey, I am so sorry” Ranveer placed his hand on hers. “I know how it feels”

Avni kept looking down at her cup of coffee without saying anything. She was too proud to show
her vulnerable side. At the same times, with every passing second she was aware that they might not meet like that ever again. She could not ask for another coffee again. Ranveer wasn’t even talking about a second date. Her mind was racing, trying to find excuses to meet him again.


Sahasi said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog... how come you have stopped this novel at chap 9...

agepe said...

Hm... nice story....