Sep 24, 2007

Chapter 4

She couldn’t help but notice that he gave her a once over look, taking her whole appearance from head to toe. Avni was suddenly aware of her off shoulder, knee length dress. She wished she had brought a stole or a shawl.

“Too hot to feel cold haan!” he said, looking on his right side, directly in her eyes. He seemed to be making fun of her. No one had ever dared to tease her. She felt very irritated and angry.

Not the one to be defeated easily, Avni replied “And you seem to be too cold to feel any heat or dance”.

“By hot I meant you were dancing for so long, that is why the chill in the air is not affecting you. It was meant to be a compliment!” he said, smiling and shaking his head. “I am feeling quite cold!”. There was a slight teasing tone in his voice.

“If you prefer to sit in a corner, it’s your problem, not mine.” Avni snapped once again.

“Hey, no need to be angry. Come on, lets dance” He passed his half empty glass to a waiter crossing.

“And what makes you think that I will dance with you? I don’t even know you”

“As for not knowing me, I am Ranveer Ahuja. I am a doctor.. And as for the dance, you will dance with me because you love to dance and I want you to teach me some steps. I am really feeling like an alien here.” Ranveer smiled again. It was not the mocking way he was smiling at her few minutes back. This time it was a disarming one; he gave her his hands and stood up. “Please. I am asking for a favor”

He was tall. Very tall. Around 6 – 6’2”. But more than his physical presence, Avni was aware of the way he seemed to occupy much more space just by his personality. She hesitated. First time in her life she was feeling intimidated by someone. Reluctantly she got up, putting her hand in his.

Ranveer guided her on the dance floor. He was different from others. Though they all were from nearly same age group, he seemed to be much more mature. His clothes had clean cuts and uncluttered. No stupid studs or rings for him. And did he smell good!!!
Avni hated to be intimidated by someone. She was used to guys begging for some attention from her, and this one seem to be almost mocking her!

‘I still don’t know your name.’ he held her just a bit closer.

“Avni Khurrana” she replied.

“Humm, so you are also a Punjabi.” he kept pulling her even closer “and what are you studying?”


Anonymous said...

I like the way you bring Ranveer's personality into the physical. Not only does his physical presence fill the room but his personality too. Very good!

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