Dec 18, 2007

Chapter - 05

“MBA, and I am taking German language classes. I like to learn languages”

She felt surprised that she was actually volunteering information. Ranveer was different from her other friends, still she felt a sense of ease with him. She even went ahead and told him her college’s name before she realized.

“No boyfriend?” Ranveer asked.

“That’s none of you business!” Avni snapped. Her usual short temper was ready to fuse any moment. “And I DO have a boyfriend!”

“I don’t see any Madam!”

Suddenly he bent and murmured in her ear “What kind of man in his right senses would leave a someone like you alone even for a day”
Avni felt a shock going up her spine. It was almost electrical. His breath was on her skin; his lips were almost touching her ears. Her eyes closed involuntarily. It was nothing like she had felt with Shekhar.

“I m not going to kiss you miss.” He was mocking her again.

Avni’s eyes opened. But this time, the usual fire was missing. She was blushing till the roots of her hair. She kept looking at his neck because that is where she was reaching even in her high heels.

“Will you come out for a coffee for me tomorrow evening?” Ranveer said.

“I don’t go out with every guy I meet” she tried to keep the fiery tang in her voice, but failed miserably. She couldn’t deny that she felt an instant connection to this man even tough he had got her totally confused. She wanted to know more about him. But she felt that he was getting inside her own mind and reading her! it made her very conscious.

“Are you scared!” he was teasing again. “Don’t be. If you wish, you can bring your friend Sonia with you. I saw you coming with her. She knows me. Her brother is my best friend.”

Avni hesitated in replying.

“Come on. I won’t eat you. I am a vegetarian”

Now she couldn’t help laughing. Her cheeks flashed those dimples and her eyes twinkled.

“You have very pretty dimples Avni!”

Suddenly she was aware that someone was calling her name. It was Sonia.

“Hey Avni, its getting late. Let’s go home.”

she was shouting over the usual high pitch songs being played.

“OK, coming” Avni shouted back. “Now will you let me go doctor?” She looked up in his eyes.

“I will, but u will have to promise me that you will go out for coffee with me. I really won’t mind if you chose to bring Sonia with you.”

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easywriter said...

Chhaya welcome back. I was beginning to worry. This is very nicely done. Love the humour, the verbal exchange between Avni and Ranveer and you can literally feel the sparks flying between them. Well done!